So you’re designing a logo design. It sounds somewhat simple task, right? Draw a circle, key in the organization title and you’re done (I’ve literally heard an artist claim that very process). Regrettably, if you are well worth the cash the customer is having to pay you, there’s much more into it than that.

You will find millions of individuals the logo design design industry today doling out crappy logos in large quantities for crowd sourcing sites. How can you like a serious professional stick out in the crowd and convey quality logos that do not suck? Read onto discover.

1. Use a Visual Double Entendre

A number of my personal favorite logos on the planet use a technique that I love to call a visible double entendre, that is an excessively fancy method to state that it’s two pictures wrapped into one through clever interpretation of the concept or idea.

The WinePlace logo design here is a best example.


This logo design assumes the form of the thumbtack, which indicates “location” or “place,” it clearly appears like an upside lower wine glass. Logo design designs which use this method seem clever and memorable. Audiences love the small mind game that you’re playing and therefore are more vulnerable to appreciate a design due to it.

Previously, I come up with a publish of fifty fantastically clever logos such as the one below. Take a look if you value this kind of logo design design around I actually do!


2. Color is Vitally Important

One of the most basic factors for logo design design may be the color scheme. This isn’t a superficial decision, color carries meanings and conveys ideas.

Sometimes you’re called towards the colors of the brand, but in other cases you’ll cost nothing to understand more about. I really like the wealthy palette utilized in the Zion logo design below.


The colours here grab you and also pull you in, they convey existence towards the illustration and provide further context towards the form of the landscape. That being stated, keep in mind that a great logo design is flexible and can still work well in grayscale:


Beyond a grayscale version, I love to offer clients having a true single color version, only using black and negative space. This is just a little tricky using the logo design above, but certainly possible.

Always consider what it’s the logo design is going to be employed for and set up various use cases require different versions.

3. Avoid the Cliché

Every couple of years approximately, newer and more effective fads arrive in logo design design. Personally, i like to study design trends and you will even find me recommending jumping onto a couple of bandwagons to maintain the occasions, however with logos I simply hate it when a lot of designers make use of the same idea again and again.


The fundamental archetype above has been used over and over in logo design design at this time and it is getting old fast. Why don’t you make use of a design that you simply really thought up yourself instead of ripping off what everybody else does?

There’s an entire article devoted to featuring logo design design clichés, make sure to check it to make certain you aren’t responsible for uninspired logo design design.

4. Make it Ownable

I do not think that “ownable” is indeed a word, however, you nonetheless listen to it a great deal in marketing (entrepreneurs like to constitute words). The idea is certainly an essential one that ties carefully towards the previous tip.

Instead of following a herd and taking advantage of a cliché design, you need to rather shoot for something that’s distinctively identifiable. I’ve always appreciated the Evernote logo design in connection with this:


It’s really just an elephant mind, which doesn’t seem just like a very unique concept. However, the way in which it’s attracted using the curled trunk and page fold within the ear causes it to be instantly identifiable.

As you’re designing logos, consider whether your design is generic or unique. Could it be likely that others will produce such like? Remember, the first idea is usually your most generic (it is also everybody else’s first idea). Try filling a notebook page or two with a few rough sketches before selecting which suggestions to pursue further.

5. Everybody Loves Custom Type

While we’re about being unique, there’s next to nothing that may provide your logo design a distinctive feel that can compare with some awesome custom lettering.


Too frequently we have seen logo design design as simply a visit to the font menu to determine what typeface makes the organization title look best. If a person is having to pay you to definitely “design” their logo design, they most likely require that you put a bit more effort in it.

Custom type helps make sure that your unique logo design will remain this way. Lowlife designers will scam your projects inside a heartbeat when they uncover which typeface you’re using, however it takes some real skill to imitate custom hands-attracted type!

Bear in mind though when your logo design is known enough, individuals will always attempt to rip them back. This certainly is true in my favorite script logo design:


The awesome Coca-Cola script continues to be stolen numerous occasions in awkward parodies over the past couple of decades.


6. Keep it Simple Stupid

You probably know this, not everybody can use beautiful, hands-attracted script on impulse. Simply because you’re an artist doesn’t mean you’re an incredible illustrator or typographer (although it helps). Should you fit this description, have no fear, there’s nothing stopping you against making awesome logos.

In cases like this, remember these four effective words: make it simple stupid! Simple but effective logos permeate the corporate world and try to end up being the very best symbols for standing the ages.


In thinking about how you can construct one of these kinds of logos, let’s discuss the Apple logo design. The silhouette of the apple is certainly not special or memorable:


It’s that missing bite that can take it one stage further. It provides the logo design character, causes it to be unique, and drives this is much deeper (computer systems and bytes, have it?). With no bite, the apple is boring, by using it, the apple is all of a sudden legendary.

Always consider the best way to go that one step further and switch your boring logos into unshakable brand marks.

7. Consider Proportion & Symmetry

Many people could possibly get caught up with discussions of proportion and symmetry (begin to see the new Pepsi logo design pitch), but when we strip the crazy, there’s still some important training here. Think about the new Twitter logo design for example:


Here circles aren’t accustomed to convince you of some strange cosmic tale that is not sensible, they’re simply utilized as helpful tips for create a reliable logo design with consistent curves and arcs.

Even though the bite appears to violate the symmetry from the Apple logo design above, when we search much deeper we are able to observe that there is still lots of through put in proportion and symmetry here (image source):


8. Think About Negative Space

Across the same vein like a double entendre is the common trick of employing the negative space inside a logo design in certain clever way. The standard example with this strategy is the FedEx logo design and it is hidden arrow.


Don’t view it yet? Keep searching, it’s there. That’s things i love relating to this logo design, using negative space is really subtle. Many people within the U.S. begin to see the FedEx logo design daily or weekly for a long time because it drives by along the side of numerous trucks plus they never even spot the arrow.

Logopond is filled with great logo design designs that utilize negative space inside a awesome way. Browse the example below, which blends together the thought of bull horns along with a wine glass.


9. Passive vs. Active

One interesting part of logo design design that I’ve been thinking about a great deal recently is the idea of instilling motion or a feeling of activity right into a logo design. This isn’t always appropriate (for example using the Apple logo design), but may it may really provide a logo design the boost it requires, both from the visual and conceptual perspective.

For example, let’s look again towards the Twitter logo design. Way in the first days, the bird went from sitting perched and passive to becoming active and taking flight.


In the newest iteration, they required this idea even more by pointing the bird within an upward direction to point that it is climbing in to the air instead of floating along the same kind of trajectory.


A feeling of motion is particularly important if this involves logos with mascots. The look from the marlin below doesn’t illustrate the seafood basically laying still, rather it’s jumping in to the air inside a victorious pose.


This idea even stretches to typically inanimate objects. Consider just how much better the logo design below shows the idea of “rough house” by instilling a feeling of motion.


10. Know What it Means

Every good logo design includes a story. Beyond just a pretty sketch, strong logos are full of meaning, both apparent and hidden. We talked about this in a number of cases above. The FedEx logo’s arrow signifies continuing to move forward and making shipping, the Apple logo design includes a “byte” missing, and also the Twitter bird is flying within an upward trajectory.

50 % of time I question if logo design designers don’t develop this is following the logo design has already been created, but regardless, it’s great whenever you like a designer can display a customer just how much thought and reasoning entered the logo design that you simply created on their behalf.

Clients may think that they need is one thing fresh and awesome, but when you rather give a logo design that ties in to the company’s core values and mission, you’ll blow their brains and they’ll adore you for this.


If you are into hidden logo design meanings, take a look at our publish entitled “Five Fascinating Stuff You Didn’t Learn About Famous Vehicle Logos.”

Do Your Logos Suck?

Since you’ve read our tips for designing logos that do not suck, leave a remark below and tell us that which you think about your personal work in this region.

Are you currently an incredible logo design designer or perhaps is it something you have a problem with? Which from the tips above are helpful for you and just what tips are you able to offer with other designers?

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