Today’s website is Photofolio, a Drupal theme by Greater Than (just) Styles. Let’s begin and find out our opinion!

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About Photofolio

Photofolio is really a responsive, easy to customize Drupal theme with a lot of wonderful features: multiple font schemes, superfish menus, slideshows and much more.

This is a screenshot from the home page:

First Impression

My primary reaction here’s quite positive. Photofolio is definitely an attractive theme that will get a great deal right, both aesthetically and functionally. It of course feels a little bit bit around the generic side from the design perspective, but considering that it’s a template, that may not be this type of bad factor. Let’s have a look around and find out what we should can uncover.


Layout is one area where Photofolio really knocks it from the park. Design is neat and simple. You will find a lot of content slots so that you can fill the web pages with around you’ll need, but it’s all perfectly organized inside a logical and simple manner.

When I pointed out above, this theme is fully responsive and appears efficient at nearly any viewport size I’m able to throw in internet marketing. This really is great since it allows me realize that they’re designing for those possible viewport dimensions, not only a couple of popular products.

They have a static width within the two biggest media queries, then once you begin reducing perfectly into a mobile layout, things go fluid. This works very well for that content.


One factor which i look for a little annoying would be that the alignment feels a bit untidy within the header. Instantly, you will possibly not even notice it, but when you actually have a critical look you can observe the various elements could placed a little better in accordance with their surroundings.

Above you can observe the fundamental wireframe from the header elements. It’s a subtle change but I recommend fine-tuning this til you have something nearer to the next:

Here I’ve just implanted a bit more consistency with the vertical and horizontal alignments additionally to adding a bit more space round the content frame.


Another excellent factor relating to this theme may be the personalization options. For example, you will find an astonishing seven different palettes to select from.

All the palettes are very sharp searching and well implemented. I truly recognize how drastically different palettes alter the personality from the site. Whether you’re searching for an enjoyable or formal look, this theme can meet your needs.


By default, the kind for Photofolio is really a casual, thin typeface that feels ideal for the sunshine aesthetic. The road-height and words per line feels about right through the theme too. This sounds small but it’s really a really large deal, you won’t ever are interested a style with sloppy type!

Open Sans may be the primary font used here. This really is obviously a Google Web Font, and also the Drupal rocks ! enough to provide you with use of other great Google Web fonts just in case you need to swap anything out (the theme includes a couple of different prebuilt sets to select from). Mix this using the color plan options above and you’ll discover that you can definitely tweak this theme to fit your personal style.

Browser Compatibility

Photofolio is charged as fully mix-browser compatible, and even it labored well in each and every browser which i attempted. However, there does appear to become a fascinating Safari quirk. After I hover over anything having a transition, there is a strange flashing bug.

I recorded a screencast of the effect. You can view it here.

May be the Design Effective?

We’ve old the design is both attractive and highly functional, however these aspects alone don’t always alllow for a effective design. The prosperity of a design is definitely in line with the goals it seeks to attain. Whether you’re developing a Drupal Theme or perhaps a social network, you have to establish some goals and them in your mind.

Digital photographer Appeal

What exactly goals does Photofolio have? I’d assume one major goal is always to attract photography enthusiasts. Like a digital photographer myself, I certainly visit a lot here customized to me. Photo slideshows and multiple gallery designs to select from together with a good blog means will be able to virtually run my entire site came from here. I’m able to effectively showcase my work and publish about individual occasions.

Greater Than Photos

I believe another major goal for that design is always to not tie it too solely to photography enthusiasts. The characteristics and design are so that this website could be easily used for several creative niches for example web design. The gallery good examples are presently filled with photos, but it might be simple to fill all of them with website screenshots rather.


Templates are a fascinating animal. Normally, design is about choices. You need to choose from individuals two fonts that you want and whether you need to be casual or professional. Your work would be to concentrate on the design very particularly to one purpose, which is dependent obviously around the client.

With templates though, the alternative holds true. The concept here’s to construct one factor you can use in several ways by a variety of people. Rather than making hard options, you spend time piling on more options. The aim here’s flexibility. People need to know when they get your product, it’s likely to suit their demands, even when individuals needs change in the future.

In this region, Photofolio is very effective. The responsive character from the site implies that, wherever your audience has a tendency to connect to the web from, they’ll obtain a stellar experience. This really is obviously additionally to multiple designs for some of the pages, color options, font schemes, as well as some manual layout reordering options.

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