Every now and then, you should look at your web design from a different perspective. The internet is advancing in terms of security and web design. If your company has kept a stable old web design, it is certainly time for revamping.

Ntw designs, http://www.ntwdesigns.com/  is a web design company known to create custom PHP web designs for businesses of all size. If you are going to a web design company like Ntw Designs to work on a new project, there are some things to always consider. Read below and find out how to revamp your design project.

Web Design Company: Revamp Your Design

Transform to Responsive. Having a fixed layout is not only a problem for mobile web visitors, but for SEO ranks. Web analysis websites will give a lower score to websites that are not mobile friendly and becoming responsive is one of the biggest elements to becoming mobile friendly. A responsive web design is known to transform its size automatically for each device size it is browsed on. This will ultimately create an amazing experience for a first time visitor that lands on page. If a web design does not become responsive upon landing, it will most likely result in that visitor leaving the page. The more bounce rates that a website has, the lower the SEO score is. Transforming your web design to a responsive layout is certainly beneficial in terms of design and rankings. A web design company has 2 options when designing a responsive web design. They can either use a quick javascript code to automatically resize each page. Or they can use CSS queries to resize the layout per device breakpoint. Either way, achieving a responsive web design is top priority.

Tan Color Template. Tan and soft colors have become very popular in design. A websites color scheme will set the tone of a website. Users like certain colors that relate to them in a sense. Tan color choices have become very popular online. Selecting a tan color scheme that compliments your website and business brand is a great practice.

Work Video backgrounds. If your web design company is revamping your web design and pushing your site onto a one page web design, ask them about a video background. Responsive and large video backgrounds that cover the top portion of the background are known to make great first impressions online. Usually, videos that are in work mode are even more favored. Web visitors and future clients look for companies that can be trusted. With the internet holding millions of domains, trust must be earned online. A video background that shows a visitor a glimpse inside the work space will provide the average visitor a great idea of how a company actually works. Video backgrounds may weigh on a web page, however, a professional web design company should always know to use methods of compression to ensure that the video loads quickly and the entire web page loads quickly.

Revamping your web design this year is necessary to do. A website should be representation of a company online. A great web design will ensure that visitors view a company from a professional standpoint above.

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