5 Ways To Protect Yourself On A Public Computer

As popular and widespread as laptop computers are, sometimes you don’t always have access to it, or the battery is dead, and you’re forced to use a public computer. Public computers are most often seen in public libraries and internet cafes. While it’s a great convenience to have access to these computers, there are some safety issues you should be aware of when you use a public computer.

The following are some computer safety tips you can use to protect yourself.

  1. Avoid logging in to sensitive websites. Do you really need to login to your bank to check your account balance on a public computer? Probably not. Likewise, it’s probably not a good time to surf Amazon for the latest deals and make a bunch of purchases either. You don’t know if the computer you’re on has been compromised in any way. Keylogger programs are easy to install and can give hackers all of your login information, including passwords, literally as you type it.


  1. Consider using a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that will route your connection through a network of secure servers. This means that instead of the data packets from your internet browsing going through the wireless network at the library or cafe, those packets are encrypted and go through a secure connection, making it impossible for anyone sniffing around the public network to sniff out your passwords and other sensitive information. There are a lot of VPN services, some are free and some paid. Shop around for the one that suits your needs the best.


  1. Don’t save login information. If you do need to login to a website, whether it’s a social media website or a forum you frequent, make sure none of your login information is saved. Most login pages have an option to “remember this username/password.” Make sure that the box is left unchecked. If it is checked and you leave the computer, the next person who comes along can login to whatever site you were on without having to try entering in your password.


  1. Clear your browser history. Once you’re done with the public computer, clear your browser history. Get rid of everything. Delete all the cookies, clear the cache and filled form data. Any of those things can be used to find out more information about you, and even hack into your email accounts. By erasing all of your browsing data, you’re wiping yourself from the computer so it’s like you weren’t even there.


  1. Never leave the computer unattended while you’re still using it. This is even more true if you’re logged into your email or other accounts with sensitive information. If you need to leave your computer, close everything out, wipe your browsing history, and then leave. It’s a pain, especially if you’re just going to the bathroom, but it still beats having your accounts compromised.


These computer safety tips will help you keep your information private while on a public computer. If you’re on public wifi, you should take similar steps to protect yourself.

Source: TechBlogNG.Net

The main current trends in the development of smartphones

Cellular phones continue to change rapidly, and now the development of microelectronics, coupled with the achievements of cellular infrastructure has already prepared the basis for a new qualitative breakthrough.
Naturally, the first changes will be realized in the most expensive smartphones for fans of premium gadgets, but after that the best innovations will be installed on the smartphones of the mass market and you will be able to buy new phones at affordable prices.
In 2017 smartphones will receive many new technologies that will make them even more interesting. Here are some of these solutions that can become widespread and used in most devices.
New designs
The main change in 2017 may be the appearance of mobile phones. This year is the year of phones with folding screens. We can say so judging by the recent patents of Apple and the development of Samsung.
In addition, this year smartphones can become even more personal due to hardware modules. Similar innovations could be seen in the Moto Z and LG G5. Lenovo, LG and Samsung are currently developing this topic.
Faster processors
The internal stuffing of mobile phones is expected to become more powerful. Qualcomm has already announced its flagship processor in 2017 under the name Snapdragon 835. Another manufacturer of chips Mediatek also prepares the Helio X30 solution, which has 10 cores – the most powerful among mobile processors.
A virtual reality
A more powerful stuffing will not be just a marketing move – it will be necessary to process virtual reality applications. This can be done through specialized helmets, for example, Google DayDream View VR. Today, virtual reality is available only to the owners of flagships, but from next year it will also possible to buy these phones in medium price categories.
Faster LTE
In 2017, mobile communications will also become faster. Modern LTE modems allow data transfer at speeds up to 600 Mbps and unload at a speed of 150 Mbps. But these figures are much smaller than the next generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 modems. It promises to transfer up to 10 gigabyte per second.
USB-C format
The next year will be a period when the USB-C connector will replace the usual micro-USB 2.0 ports and will allow charging, listening to music, watching the movies and transmitting data through one wire. However, the transition will not be very smooth. After all, USB-C is only the type of connector, and data on it can be transmitted via different protocols (USB-Lightning) and charging power. Although USB-C cables with different protocols and power will look the same, they will be incompatible with each other.
Wireless Audio
Manufacturers of smartphones began to get rid of the standard audio plug to 3.5 mm. They explain this by freeing up space for other components inside the case and offering to use more expensive but digital headphones. The latter can be wired, but most likely next year we will see a boom of wireless headphones.
Faster charging
Great energy consumption of your phone will not bother you anymore, because 5 minutes of charging is enough now for five hours of work. At least, this is what the fourth generation of fast-charging technology Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 promises.
More clever devices
The next generation of smartphones are better to navigate with. Through their cameras, they will recognize objects and signs, and also build maps of premises and display this useful information on the screen.
Bluetooth 5
Bluetooth wireless communication will be twice as fast, and its radius will increase fourfold. Bluetooth 5 can work at a distance of up to 400 meters. This will open up new uses for technology.
Today, the maximum disk space in smartphones is limited to 256 GB, and SD cards reach 512 GB. SanDisk in 2016 showed a prototype SD card with a capacity of 1 TB.
There is still a matter of price. If you are planning to buy a brand new phone, you can check out Samsung, iPhone, LG and HTC prices online and choose the best option.

Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Digital Phone System for Business

Deciding to purchase a new phone system is a big decision for most businesses.  It is generally a decision which is made when you first start in business or when you have clearly outgrown the system you are using.  Of course, you can upgrade your digital phone system for business simply because you want to; but as they are fairly expensive and complicated to set up this is not usually the best reason.

A digital phone system for business will allow you to make standard telephone calls, to transfer them, take messages and send the messages to specific email addresses.  It will also allow you to connect with colleagues and customers all over the world; including using video conferencing features.

It is important to consider the supplier of your system before you commit yourself to a specific digital phone system for business:


The first thing to consider is how strong their reputation is.  The best suppliers of digital phone systems for business will have been in existence for many years and should have many satisfied customers.  It is easy to check the general reputation and outside view of the company; simply visit an online forum or a social media site and ask for people’s experiences on the firm.  The general consensus should be positive; if it is not then you will need to choose a different supplier.


Your digital phone system for business should come from a firm which has been established for several years.  This will ensure they know their facts regarding the product and they know how to find the best digital phone systems for business.  Their experience will be invaluable when you are setting up your system; or even making some changes to it.


It is very important to check if your digital phone systems for business, supplier is actually linked to a specific manufacturer.  This will mean that they will push one model of digital phone over the other offerings; even if this is not the best one for your needs.  

Whilst this should not put you off using the supplier; you must already have done your homework; if they are affiliated you will need to know all the necessary facts regarding the different systems.  This will help to ensure you walk away if they are offering the one that is not as good as it sounds.

New Technology

A good supplier will be at the forefront of new technology.  The digital phone system for business should be updateable and your chosen supplier should be aware of any impending issues or new technology which can be added to your system.  This will ensure your system can be updated and modified to ensure you make the most of any new developments.

A well chosen digital phone systems for business can be a valuable addition to your business; all you need to do is locate the right supplier who can give you the right product at an attractive price.

IBM Disaster Recovery As A Service

Two decades ago, IBM experts discovered the importance of extending their data safety services to cover disaster situations. Disasters range from human made to natural disasters which are all covered by the service. IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service also known as IBM DRaaS, involves set policies and procedures that enables businesses to survive disasters.

There are a number of services that are offered by this IT provision. Some of them include:

Resiliency communication

During crises such as earthquakes, communication is very important because organizations need to source for help from the right channels. Accurate early warning information can be sourced by communicating with the weather companies in cases of weather related emergencies. This keeps you ahead with preparedness plans for your business.

Continuous replication

Replication of infrastructure, systems, data and critical applications is conducted continually by this service. What does this mean for an organization? Organizations with this service are able to recover their data very fast, say few minutes after an IT outage.

Business continuity consultation

It is every business’s ambition to have business running smoothly every day but mishaps are inevitable. For this reason IBM Disaster Recover as a service comes into play. The service providers conduct assessment of possible risks, design plans, implementation of the plan as well as ensure the management solution is sustainable.

Data availability service

With this service, disaster recovery is redefined and data converted to business value. This is evidenced as data is backed up and made available when required. Business resumes as usual post disaster.

Recovery of virtualized server

Physical servers are recovered and installed on cloud infrastructures. IBM organizations are kept in highly secured recovery centers. This service enables critical data to be safeguarded as opposed to other services such as tape backup.

Cloud resiliency orchestration

Disaster recovery by IBM DRaaS is automated and thus does not require user intervention. It offers unified disaster risk approach which enables quick authentication. What this means is that cloud resiliency ensures data environment is secured and sustainable.

Benefits of this service


Services that are flexible such as IBM DRaaS incorporate all types of enterprises. Whether it is small, medium or large all can access disaster recovery solutions. Once you expand your business for instance, you have the ability to upscale your DR services as well.

Low cost solution   

The good thing about this service is that the cost is cheaper than what an organization will have to pay up for restoration purposes. It is cost effective and negotiable with the providers. Pay-as-you-use is also another factor that has contributed to its affordability.

Reduced downtime

The speed of recovery of organizational critical data is another admirable attribute that the service has. For this reason, business can swing back to action within no time. Quick recovery is solely because of dedicated servers that support this action.


For every sought by consumers, reliability is considered key. Would you settle for a service you are not sure will be available at your hour of need? Of course not, IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service has reliability standards which reduce errors as well as data loss during recovery.

It is certain that your business needs this service, so get in touch with your expert now.  


How Can I Take My Business To Another Level?

Business leaders who are never satisfied with their company’s current level of success should know that there are a wide range of great strategies they can use to make ongoing growth a reality. Three techniques that you may find particularly helpful include:

1. Buy Company Products Via Internet.

One of the company optimization strategies you can implement to enhance your business’s level of growth is purchasing your goods via internet. This approach is important because it will save your staff the time it would have taken to drive to a physical store and stand in long checkout lines. Another great benefit of making purchases online is that many retailers now offer clients substantive discounts when they buy goods through the company website. In the event that your company is in need of discount boat parts for a business outing, you can obtain them from organizations like Magna Marine Inc.

2. Utilize Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services.

In addition to buying company products via internet, make sure that you start utilizing social media optimization (SMO) services. These services are helpful because they enable you to interface with prospective customers on key channels like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

One great SMO service that might prove beneficial for your organization is a Twitter poll. With this SMO tool, you ask a specific question regarding your product or service line and have members of your target audience answer it. A sample question would be “Which of our coffee flavors do you prefer having in your morning cup of joe?” Note that in addition to helping you build relationships with your target audience, this strategy will empower you to do the research necessary to optimize the products you produce as well as the methodology you use to market those goods to consumers.

3. Focus On Health.

One final technique you can implement to make your business more productive and powerful is focusing on your health. This simple technique will ensure that you have the mental energy, inner confidence, and physical agility necessary to complete your daily tasks with skill and speed. Some of the health optimization techniques you might want to implement to get on the path to enhanced wellness include meditation, massage, and yoga.

Start Going And Growing Now!

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as watching your company do progressively better with each passing year. To increase the likelihood that this happens, start implementing some or all of the business-building strategies outlined above!

Important Facts When Considering IT Network Security

You may think that you have a small company so there is no security risk whilst online.  Sadly, you will be wrong.  Hackers target anyone.  Whilst it is true that a good hacker can do a lot of damage by infiltrating the systems of a large, multinational company; they are also happy to damage any website they can get into.

The aim of a hacker is either to steal data, access enough information to pretend to be your site or simply to cause disruption.  Data stolen can be personal details, financial details or both.

There are thousands of hackers and they all operate their own programs which scan the web looking for weaknesses in websites.  As soon as they find on the program will break into it and the hacker will be alerted; as will many other hackers.   

Threats to your Data

Once you realize how many different threats exist which can destroy your data or ruin your reputation you will appreciate the value of good IT network security:

  • Viruses – This is one of the most obvious issues that can face your data and your systems.  A virus can make it difficult to use your system properly or it can completely shut it, down.  Having a good antivirus program installed and updated regularly is a vital part of your IT network security.
  • Spam – Much like viruses, spam can be very annoying.  It can cost a business thousands in wasted time although it does not generally damage your systems; unless you open the attachments.
  • Malware – These are also similar to viruses.  A malware infection can range from simply monitoring your surfing habits to watching and recording every keystroke; allowing hackers access to your personal and confidential information.  This can be exceptionally damaging; your IT network security system must be vigilant for malware threats.
  • Social Media – This is becoming an increasingly dangerous issue to any IT network security system.  Many people place huge amounts of data on their social media profile can provide hackers with all the information they need to steal an identity.  However, hackers can also add fake ‘like’ buttons.  These, when clicked on, will install malware onto your computer.  Alternatively a link can be hijacked; instead of going to the real page you are sent to sites which have malware or viruses.  These are particularly dangerous if they are the type which starts downloading as soon as you arrive at their page.

There are many different ways that a hacker can get into your system.  Even the best IT network security systems cannot provide protection against clicking on an infected link.  This is why an essential part of any IT network security solution must be education.  The more you and your staff know about the issues and how the hackers operate; the easier it will be to avoid the most obvious tactics and allow your IT network security system to do its job.

Effective Hpc for Financial Modeling

As a company, if you want to perfectly analyze data, create forecasts and support your marketing strategies, you definitely need a reliable hpc for financial modeling software. Hpc means, High Performance Computing and in this case, it is for financial modeling. The financial services industries need such software to improve efficiencies when running complex financial calculations.

Business is about risk taking but that does not mean moving blindly, there is a great need to measure risks using approved HPC software to be safer. The marketing strategies you employ must be realistic and result oriented that is why you will want to analyze the available data to weigh the risks expected. Developing reliable econometric and quantitative algorithms happens with advanced financial and statistical modeling tools such as this one.

Let us have a bit of global financial crises history when there was less of such software

Most people can recall what happened in the year 2008. This was when the global economy was in jeopardy. When it come crashing down, thereby sending numerous organization into financial ruin. Among the countries that faced the worst financial nightmare is Iceland when three of its major banks collapsed! Do you know what happened next? The whole country fell into deep recession causing millions to surfer financially.

Who was to blame?

As obvious, the fingers were directed to the banking institutions. Mortgage lenders and bank officers become on focus for blames. Researchers said that they abused their fiduciary duties. How is that? Simple, they focused too much on the investments and interests earned from lending at the expense of the stability of the whole society.

What was the way forward?

Since then, countries around the world have strengthened regulations. They have adopted sophisticated high performance computing systems and mathematical models to study risks that may present in areas of investment. Ideally, these mechanisms are geared towards minimizing the risks. However, the question comes in, is the practice able to assure safety in the money industry? Sure, it has worked for various insurance companies banks and financing institutions that have used hpc for financial modeling and other scientific solutions.

Effective risk management for all

Risk management application is not for an individual institution, it profits nearly the whole financial industry when done right. Ideally, industry-wide application of good practices eliminates dysfunctional regulations from spreading. For speed of development, cost and quality, purchasing commercial software is the way to go. The good thing about this niche is that there are numerous risk consultancies and independent analytics vendors, which develop software for direct competitors as well as multi-clients. Of cause, you want to see your institution take the lead in the market, right. The solution is dealing with specialist effective risk management experts that now market secretes.

The difference that comes in between the failing and the successful financial institution is the culture, and the engagement of the employees running the organization. Failing institution are known to overlook their limitations thereby ignoring specialist advice that could otherwise profit them. While the best performing organization marks their limits, and set up effective provisions for specialist vendor.

There is no way that the financial industry can avoid hpc for financial modeling as this is what will provide realistic qualitative techniques needed to safely invest money, manage risks, and allocate capital among others.

The records will be establish by Samsung Galaxy S9 with its equipment filling

The recently established Galaxy S8 variations are built with American and European made on 14-nm process technology 8-core processor Exynos 8990 (4 center brand-Ed Mongoose 2.5 GHz and 4 heart Cortex A53 1,6 GHz) and images Mali-T980 MP12. Masthead central processing unit combined with 4GB of high-speed memory LP DDR4-playfully handles the heaviest 3D-intensive software. Now picture, what Samsung Galaxy S9 will probably be doing using its components filling in 2018? Yes, there’ll be fresh records in performance.

Along with the current forms of communication Samsung equipped the Samsung Galaxy S9 function of Wireless LAN. In this style, a smartphone may be found to any available Wi-Fi hotspots as well as the Net to distribute through. To the sixth version of Android, which is installed along with a private covering Touch-Wiz box works from Galaxy S8. The presence of before-basic pair of programs from Samsung, a complete pair of Yahoo programs and services, social support systems, along with some software from Micro-Soft.

Permanently applications, needless to say, visit less device with position optimisation, but if you do not wish to invest a definite quantity of instances obtain applications from Yahoo Perform or Samsung program shop and to search for, a big pair of pre- installed app, also useful. In addition to the brand new game centre, special attention is drawn to some adjustments in the interface associated with the transition to All Or Any Android Marshmallow, collecting all user games in one interface and optimizing gameplay. It is possible to flip off any forewarning during the game application, the program lock-key, prohibit unloading the sport application from Memory when minimized, and forced to reduce steadily the amount of pictures in the match as well as the resolution. Likely, by launching of Samsung Galaxy S9 more modifications will be welcomed by us in the Touch Wiz.

Galaxy S8 includes a low- detachable battery at 3000 mAh with fast-charging. Obviously, based upon use and also other factors battery lifetimes can differ, as well as in this circumstance, the outcomes were fairly okay. Prior to testing, we made total re-set with all the storage cleansing to factory configurations, left automatically adjusts the screen lighting. The smart phone is suggested the first setup, updated programs and download the upgrade Android 7.0.1.

Snapchat Recovery: Here’s How to Deal with It

In less than a decade, Snapchat has become one of the most popular instant messaging and multimedia sharing applications. The application has over 150 million active users and is a favorite among people of all age groups worldwide.

The app allows users to share live images with text captions and a variety of emoticons, and also gives people a chance to share videos up to ten seconds long. Another major reason for the popularity of the application is the numerous filters which change facial features or voice tones of the user.

One thing which most people tend to have a problem with while using Snapchat is the time limits on the messages. Most instant multimedia messages on Snapchat disappear as soon as they are opened. Others, like those which users put in their stories, have a 24-hour time limit after which they are no longer visible.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that Snapchat recovery systems are available which allow you to find these old pictures and videos regardless of how long ago they were apparently deleted.

What is Snapchat recovery?

Snapchat recovery is, in essence, the process which helps recover old multimedia files which were shared using Snapchat’s platform. What’s even better is that you can now even recover photos and videos sent using a Snapchat account which was not set up on your own phone. Applications like mSpy allow users to view and save old images and other multimedia files from a mobile device which you are authorized to use.

Systems for Snapchat recovery allow users immediate access of all of the Snapchat data which has ever been on a phone. This recovery software also gives users access to various other dimensions of the phone including access to text messages and the location of the target device at any specific moment. The best part about Snapchat recovery software like this is that they are compatible on a number of platforms, not only for mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones, but also on several computer systems like Windows and Macintosh.

How do I use a Snapchat recovery tool?

A Snapchat recovery tool is quite simple and easy to use. An online form is filled where one must agree that the phone or mobile device which they will be targeting using the tool is being targeted for reasons which are valid. After the form has been filled, the user will be provided with a download link from where they can download and install the software on their systems.

Depending on the package and subscription chosen, there is a large variety of data which can be available to the user. The Snapchat data which users will be provided from targeted accounts and mobile devices will have timestamps along with the sender’s name.

Another way to access “expired” multimedia files from Snapchat is connecting the device to your computer and searching for files with the extension “.nomedia” in the Snapchat folder. This, too, can give you access to files which you thought were lost forever.


Simple Business Techniques That Can Keep Your Company Growing

If you run a business and want it to be as successful as possible, know that there are many strategies you can employ to keep things going and growing. Below you’ll find three of them:

1. Sell Your Mineral Interests.

One strategy you can deploy to keep your company growing is selling your mineral interests. This technique is effective if your business finds itself in need of capital on short notice. Oil and gas royalty companies like Endeavor Acquisitions are pleased to buy a portion or all of the client’s mineral interests. Before you do business with any company, read a wide range of their online reviews to determine what former customers think about their quality of service.

2. Build Your Brand Online.

In addition to selling your mineral interests, be sure to consider the value of building your brand online. This approach will help ensure that you can communicate the value of your brand to members of the target market in a dynamic, immediate way. Also know that many customers will be delighted to note that they can buy products and services online rather than having to travel to a physical store. A third benefit of online branding is that it can connect you to incredible people who may eventually become your business partners.

Some of the digital services an advertising firm might employ to help build your brand online include:

  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Social media optimization
  • Responsive web design
  • Search engine optimization

Also note that many digital advertising firms are pleased to offer public relations services such as grassroots marketing, blog work, and crisis communications. These services can help you interface with media professionals in a more productive, expedient manner.

3. Make Self-Development A Must.

One final strategy that can help optimize the business growth process is focusing on self-development. When you implement a health program, volunteer, or contribute to your own growth in some other significant way, your business will benefit. With this idea in mind, make sure that you’re constantly implementing self-development strategies that will make you a better, brighter person.

Start Using These Business-Building Strategies Now!

If you want your company to be as successful as possible, now is the time to implement strategies that will generate the desired results. Three techniques that can work for you include selling your mineral interests, building your brand online, and making self-development a must.