Do you love to participate in sports? Well, if that is the case then you might have watched all the movies of Bollywood that revolve around sports or have sports as a major part in them? Indeed, there are some amazing Bollywood sports movies that you must watch right away if you have it. These movies are so spot-on that you might love to watch them again and again.

You should check out the following movies if you haven’t done it yet. You know what these movies are filled with the strong flavour of sports and make you feel motivated or actually get across a message.  These movies have been made in a beautiful and really practical manner and you can relate with them for sure. Bollywood and sports; when these two things come along; all you can expect is an iconic and amazing movie!

Chak de India 

Without any doubt, the finest Bollywood Sports movie of all time has been this one. Chak De India is a tale of an underdog team winning the prestigious Hockey World Cup with the assistance of a coach, in search of salvation. Indeed, the movie has been a powerful one and ShahrukhKahn in the role of the coach has done full justice to it. The movie gives you a rich idea about Hockey and the manifold matches in the movie get you hooked. 


A biopic about Hockey players has been a rarity in India. But the tale of Sandeep Singh, the former Indian captain, is tailor-made for this Bollywood movie. Nicknamed Flicker Singh, this penalty corner specialist was by chance shot in the back in Kalka Shatabdi Express train in the year 2006. Only twenty at the time of the accident, Sandeep Singh was nearly paralyzed and had to spend a year on his wheelchair. The chances of him ever playing Hockey again in his life was absolutely austere. But the amazing warrior that he was, Singh actually came back to the field, turned out to be the captain of India and played a critical role in securing the Olympic qualification for London in the year 2012. The film brightly shows Singh’s determination to return after a severe injury and efforts he puts in to achieve accomplish his goals.

Jo JeetaWohiSikandar

Though not solely a Sports movie, Jo JeetaWohiSikandar is always going to be remembered as the ‘Cycle Racing’ movie. The film depicts the rivalry between two colleges, Rajput College, for that of rich children and the Model College, for students belonging to middle-class families.  Aamir Khan plays the amazing role of a happy-go-lucky student who hardly worries about a rivalry. But situations make him mature and he takes the decision to make up for it in the marathon Cycle race. 

This movie takes a proper Bollywood shape in the centre, having the subplots about love and relationships, but for a sports enthusiast, this line is all you require to keep yourself inspired: “Wohsikandar hi dostokehlatahai, Haaribaazikojeetna jiseaatahai” . It means the real champion is the one who actually can clinch the win from the jaws of defeat. 


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