As an android user, you might be aware of how to play store is important for downloading games along with applications. But sadly most of us are not aware that Google play store is not the only place where we can download such applications; others can even do the same. There are other android markets where you can download these applications with added features. In fact, the apps that can be purchased on the play store can be downloaded from alternate stores without any charge.

This is one of the apps in the market that has gone on to provide stiff competition to the google play store. The reason being the same applications are provided with unique features along with free in-app purchases. Almost all the applications that are present in the Google play store are available here. 9apps provides you with an opportunity to download applications along with games. This works out to be a viable alternative to Google play store and other third-party apps. With 9apps, you can download applications or games without any charge. Because of this reason, it is one of the popular apps in India. AlibabaCompany has the distribution rights of this company.

How to download and install 9 apps

In order to accomplish the task of 9 apps download we need to follow certain steps as follows

  • Firstly it has been mentioned that this is a third-party app in the android domain and this requires a change in the settings of your device. You need to proceed on to the securities section of your mobile phone
  • Once you open the settings just click on the security portion. You are going to find installation from unknown sources disabled. Now you need to enable the option in order to download and install 9 apps on to your mobile phone
  • Once you have enabled this option you need to click on the downloading option
  • Once the process of downloading is over, you have to go on to the file manager and then initiate the process of installation
  • You are all set to go and use this amazing and multifunctional android app

Features of 9 apps

  • The android market is of the opinion that you need to possess all the latest versions of the apps and for this reason, frequent updates are called for. Since it keeps on adding new games or apps suggestions are made on the basis of your previous downloads or preferences
  • Though it might seem to be a third-party app, still the games along with applications downloaded are from trusted sources only
  • One of the new features of this app is for the purchase of a product price comparison of various e-commerce sites is done. You are provided with the power to compare the price and feature of the same product across different channels. In the process, you can choose one among them.

By now you might be finding all the features to be really interesting. If you are not convinced this above list of features might force you to download 9 apps.

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